Sunday, 4 August 2013

(Almost) the First Month in Review

This morning,  I was rudely awoken by my obnoxious old-school cell phone ring with a text message alerting me that in two days, the one month "freebies" that came with my pre-paid cell phone plan would run out (read: no more free texts until I "topped up" my plan again). Not only was this a slight disappointment, but a reminder that I've been in New Zealand for almost a full month! On one hand, this first month has flown by, but I also feel like I've been in Wellington forever. The first month has also been marked by the end of my "honeymoon" period abroad, and starting to miss all things American. Although of course I don't want to leave, this past week I've found myself every so often wishing that I had access to things that are normal at home.

Academically, this comes with missing small discussion classes where my professors know my name (here, its probably safe to say that most don't know I even exist), and I know I'll always have a seat next to my friends. It also includes missing the easy to understand St. Mike's library, where I have go-to study spots, know how to get around, and actually know how to check out books and print  (two things I still need to figure out).

Socially, I miss living within seconds from all of my best friends, being able to bang on the wall to get their attention and all gathering together every Saturday and Sunday morning for omelets and bagels at brunch. And of course, having access to not only my own closet but also the entire clothing collections of my friends at my fingertips.

I find it also quite necessary for me to mention that I miss never being more than 10 minutes away from a dunking donuts, and knowing that I can order a medium coconut iced coffee with skim milk and one sugar for $2.56 and it will taste delicious every time. And bagels. I really miss bagels.

What better cure for homesickness though than a package from home?! Thursday I was treated to a beautiful care package from my parents, including all of the most important things: sweaters, mittens and gloves, sunscreen and leave-in hair conditioner, as well as the most delicious cookies: peppermint joe joe's! These seemingly insignificant items from home made my day (and week) that much brighter.

This weekend I stayed in Wellington, having a relaxing two days off. Yesterday was the epitome of a perfect lazy (yet productive) Sunday: my friend Katie and I went to breakfast, then continued our tradition of going to the Sunday farmers market for ridiculously cheap fruits and veggies, got coffee by the water, and then settled in for an all day movie and homework marathon. Although maybe not the most culturally adventurous day, settling in to watch four movies with friends was the perfect end to the weekend.

I also officially have all of my mid-semester break tickets booked! The break starts with an All Blacks (NZ rugby team) game on the 24th, followed by flying to Christchurch, then traveling all around (plans are in the process of being finalized) ending in Queenstown, flying back to Wellington for a day at home, then flying to Australia where I will spend time in Melbourne and Gold Coast! I'm insanely excited for two weeks of exploring and traveling with friends. It will come up so soon!

Sorry for the picture-less post, but I'm sure I'll be up to more beautiful adventures soon, with plenty of pictures to make up for the lack of them here :)

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